Meditate live with Danis Bois – On a journey without moving – 4 May 2022

How to participate Danis Bois, Doctor of Educational Sciences, has been meditating for more than 40 years and is co-author of the book “Full-Presence Meditation: The Seven Ways to Access Human Warmth” published in France by Eyrolles. Danis Bois hosts a weekly meditation open to people interested in meditation, who already have some prior experience of meditation. The general theme of the current series of meditation is: “Learning to meditate together” “Meditate online live with Danis Bois”

#10 – Key moments when the inner movement may appear – 20 April 2022

As we have seen through the previous meditations guided by Danis Bois, the characteristics that distinguishes Full-Presence Meditation from other forms of meditation is the possibility for some meditators to connect with a slow animation within the body.  In this meditation, Danis Bois revisited and expanded on the standard meditation from last week, in order to accompany meditators to identify and grasp the five key moments when the inner movement may reveal itself to their awareness, which he called the pathway of movement, leading to a sense of warmth and softness. He also highlighted the other pathway of the meditation: a path through the perfect motionlessness of the body leading more specifically to qualities such as stability, serenity and the appeasement of the mind.   These moments appear through the meditators’ connection to the silence, their visual field and their body stillness towards warmer and more peaceful states, leading to the  experience of plenitude. There is a sixth key moment in the meditation, that will be explored in next week’s meditation, which regards the connection to what is greater than we are.

#9 – Meditate online live with Danis Bois – A standard Meditation – Podcast 13 April 2022

Danis Bois introduced the meditation by explaining the nature of a ‘standard meditation’ as being a meditation intended for everyone, that is based on a protocole designed to improve the fundamental skills required in meditation: listening, observing, sensing/feeling towards enriching a different form of thought. This meditation begins a series of meditations to the end of the term, that will be focused on “Meditating for ourselves and with ourselves”: “. With time, I realised that the person I needed most was myself. And that is why I have to take care of myself, always, as it is with me that I am going to spend my whole life. Giorgia Stella. And so, we have to learn to meditate with ourself, with ourself, with our emotions, our thoughts, our attitudes, in short with who we are, if indeed we know ourself a little. In the meditation per say, Danis Bois then used a protocole based on the main supports of the meditation. Danis Bois, Doctor of Educational Sciences, has been meditating for more than 40 years and is co-author of the book “Meditation full presence, the 7 ways of access to human warmth” published by Eyrolles. Danis Bois hosts a weekly meditation open …

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coeur dessiné dans un ciel bleu

Meditation with Danis Bois – The Silence within us

Pour illustrer le thème de la méditation, Danis Bois a fait référence à une citation du livre de To illustrate this theme, Danis Bois refered to a quote in Erling Kagge’s book (Silence in the age of noise): I believe it’s possible for everyone to discover this silence within themselves. It is there all the time, even when we are surrounded by constant noise. Erling Kagge These words invite us to investigate silence: what is this place of silence? How can we encounter this silence within that persists regardless of the noise around us? Silence is essential to the practice of meditation and takes on various forms, such as the appeasement of our mind, which comes when we rest, pause, lay down our arms, and take a break from chasing illusions and from endless worries.  Where are you running to? Do you not know that heaven[1] is within you? When there is nothing left, there is only love. [1] ‘Ciel’ in French can be translated as ‘heaven’, or ‘sky’ depending on context Inspired by these quotations Danis Bois unfolded the meditation to bring us towards the silence within, the heaven/sky within and the love within:   To practise silence, we need first to …

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désert de sable

Meditation on “Inner Love” guided by Danis Bois

In his introduction, Danis Bois reviewed the various forms of love, before turning to the theme of the week “inner love” seen from a phenomenological perspective and in line with Michel Henry’s notion of ‘auto-affection’ (also called self-affection), enriched by the inner movement.  A life loving force, a loving force that manifests within the fundamental intimacy of the Self with itself at the heart of living matter.  Danis Bois  Having been guided into the meditation through listening, observing and feeling, Danis Bois emphasized our need to be together in our search for our Self and took us on an inner journey towards finding the love that dwells within, the love with no name that makes us ‘feel alive’ in a different way and adds an extra bit of soul to our existence.   The meditation explored our capacity to turn inwards and be touched by ourselves, by the experiences of our inner world – regardless of external factors, by Life: inner movement, engaging our heart, experiencing the warmth conveyed by life that leads to feelings of aliveness, love for ourself, self-affection. Feeling that I feel is already a way to self-affect Life feels itself, experiences itself In other words, the loving …

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Live Meditation with Danis Bois – 13 October 2021 – With time, everything arises – Living the present moment (#33 replay)

This meditation led by Danis Bois is part of a cycle of 3 meditations on the relationship to time, objective time, subjective time and present time. It invites us to give time time. Introduction I briefly went over the various aspects of time we talked about in the previous meditation. Objective time as the physical time that is the same for us all. It is the time of the clock, seen as a succession of moments. It is also the time that is divided into past, present, future, years, hours, minutes, seconds. Finally, it is the time that relates to the physical phenomenon of the revolution of the Earth around the Sun Subjective time, unique to each of us and dependent on our individual perception. This perspective is an invitation to change how we see the time of the clock with its hands moving in a sporadic way marking seconds. Subjective time on the other hand flows continuously bringing the past into the present Subjective time on the other hand flows continuously bringing the past into the present Present time, that cannot be dissociated from motion. I then presented the theme of today’s meditation: living the present moment. We all …

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Live meditation with Danis Bois – 6 October 2021 – With time, everything arises – The various aspects of temporality (#32 replay)

This week, Danis Bois begins a series of three meditations on the relationship to time, a relationship that brings into play the psychological dimension of each individual. The first meditation consists of an exploration of nine different facets of temporality. Introduction The general theme of the next three meditations “With time, everything arises” challenges the representation that, in the words of singer Léo Ferré “With time, everything vanishes”. Until now, I have emphasized the relational dimension of Full Presence (presence to… and/or resonance). Until now, I have emphasized the relational dimension of Full Presence (presence to… and/or resonance). As to the temporal dimension of presence, I have approached it as being presence to the present. These three meditations around past, present and future temporality give me the opportunity to explore the psychological dimension of temporality. The various aspects of temporarility Time exists outside of us independently of all things, according to Newton Time does not really exist, from Aristotle’s point of view. Time does not exist as it consists of a past that no longer exists, of a future that is not yet here and of a present that continuously disappears.”. Time is a passage, a way through from the …

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Live meditation with Danis Bois – 30/06/2021 – The love energy (#26 Replay)

This meditation brings to an end our 2nd term of Full-Presence Meditation The next meditation term will start on 1 September. You can subscribe now by going to the page “meditate live in videoconference with Danis Bois”. Introduction In the introduction, I reviewed the various themes that were developed during this term of meditation: transmission, resonance, sense of existing and spatial dimension (the inside, the outside and what is greater than we are) I refered back to the meditation on the theme of transmission by reviewing the internal signs that allow us to recognise whether the meditation conveys a transmission : the presence of an inner movement, the sense of not being the cause of this inner driving force, the sense of feeling protected, the qualities of the mind and finally the divine dimension of the experience. It is from the latter that I introduced the notion of universal love, or cosmic love, by referring to what Teillhard de Chardin tells us, who considers love to be an energy, a spiritual force of the matter. My strongest belief is that something that is loving constitutes the deepest nature of the universe in expansion. If matter has a heart, it is …

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