#101- The presence in the inner movement

20 March 2024

This meditation is taking place at the same time as Danis Bois is giving a Movement Masterclass, so it seemed appropriate for this meditation to explore the theme of the the inner movement that becomes in our gestural movement an inner drive motivating us into action.

The inner movement is the signature of Full-Presence Meditation. We we are consciously animated by the inner movement, we are at the heart of Full-Pesence which, in this particular context, is seen as the presence that arises from our relationship with the inner movement. Those who connect with the inner movement report that they feel totally present to themselves and experience, as an undertone, a strong sense of existing. 

Gaining access to this experience requires training and perceptual skills. It is possible to experience the presence of the inner movement in different ways depending on practice and sensitivity: 

  • Certains personnes n’ont pas de contact direct avec le mouvement interne, mais en ressentent les effets au niveau de leur humeur qui devient positive, de leur sentiment d’être heureux, motivé, de leur état d’esprit qui devient plus calme, tranquille et serein, de leur pensée qui devient plus créative et ouverte, et au niveau de leur bien-être corporel et psychique.
  • D’autres personnes ressentent plus directement le mouvement interne sous la forme de variations d’états physiques (de tendu à détendu…) ou psychiques (de agité à apaisé…). Il est possible aussi d’apercevoir, les yeux fermés les formes que dessine le mouvement interne à l’intérieur de soi à travers la vision interne.
  • Et enfin, il existe une autre manière de percevoir le mouvement qui est également directe. On peut sentir à l’intérieur de son corps le glissement de la circulation du mouvement dans la matière et qui génère un certain type de sensation et d’états.

It is of course a meditation that requires a particular kind of training to grasp the inner movement, which is the jewel of Full-Presence Meditation. 


Silence: The more we pay attention to the silence, the more present we are to the silence, the more the silence becomes animated within itself, become animated by a warm breath. And that is the first opportunity for the silence to appear, in the form of a movement that is slow, soft. 

Visual atmosphereFor some of you, you can see very clearly that there is a coloured atmosphere. It is through your visual sense that you perceive. And little by little, his ability you have to see through your closed eyelids transforms into an inner sight.Either it is fixed, motionless, or it is animated. And there you begin to perceive forms in motion that arise in front of your eyes or inside your body.It is the second opportunity to perceive the inner movement and to see it with your own inner gaze.

Inner gaze: And the gaze, that is wandering around slowly within your body, is the third opportunity to encounter the inner movement. As you are motionless, the presence of this living and loving animation reveals itself. And the gliding of this life force triggers a real sense of yourself.

And it is then time to observe this inner dance, this all-encompassing dance that invites everything around you to begin to move, in harmony with your own movement.

Danis Bois

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#100- Starting afresh

13 March 2024

Danis Bois’ meditations have been listened to 200 000 times since we began and today we celebrate the 100th meditation

So today was the 100th meditation guided online by Danis Bois since he agreed to facilitate weekly gatherings. 

To celebrate this event, the chosen theme explores the notion of change  of change under the title: “Starting fresh”, as indeed the movement creates a particular state of presence that engages, stimulates and motivates our capacity to make decisions and to go towards change, to ultimately to start afresh. 

Extraits :

When we have the good fortune to experience the inner movement, we can then experience that living is what is rarest in the world.

Then, when we are in this way, faced with ourself, in silence, rooted in the present, we get a better sense of ourselves. And we know that what prevents us from changing is as much our doubts as our certainties.

Of course you have free will over your life. Your choice has to be yours. The movement in your life is just a help. 

We make decisions that vary depending on our states, on our moods and the movement, when it is a lived experience, changes our mood.

It is time for you to taste the fruit of your life. And you need to go forward. Every newness is an expression of freedom and it is the end of something, of something that is in the process of becoming.

Every day is a new start. Don’t miss the train of your life.

Danis Bois

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Danis Bois, a Doctor of Education, has been meditating for over 40 years and is co-author of the book “La méditation pleine présence, les 7 voies d’accès à la chaleur humaine” published by Eyrolles and translated into English by Hélène Pennel. Danis Bois runs a weekly meditation open to anyone interested in meditation. He tackles general or specific themes according to his inspiration.

This quarter’s meditation began on 17 January February 2024 on the theme of silence. Subsequent meditations will go into greater depth on this subject and will tackle other themes every Wednesday until 10 April.

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