#97- The glow of time

21 February 2024

In the preceeding weeks, the meditations focusesd on experiencing the eternal moment – a notion that brings a new perspective on the now moment in the context of meditation. A central question remained : how to combine this particular temporality with an objective temporality, the one we experience every day, the time of the clock? 

To illustrate this quest, Danis Bois refers to Proust for whom it was possible to wander at our will in the past, the present and the future. And indeed, when we meditate, it is possible to navigate through the past through our memories and to project ourselves into the future through our intention. This meditation offers the opportunity to understand how this is possible without leaving the present moment.

The title  The Glow of Time expresses a desire to brighten up the dark areas of temporality through the use of poetry, as the only way to bring some light on the subtleties of time. 

In practice, before going deeper into this theme, it is necessary to settle within ourself, in our own silence, and to be present to ourself and to the second that passes; to be present to the eternal moment. 

Then comes the time to explore temporality, as a temporality in motion that calls on memory and the imaginary.

Extraits :

Let time take you by the hand, as time does not stand still, but is always moving. It is the nature of time to be in motion. 

This movement that you experience within is the force of time that embodies, in awareness, in your life. Time is a driving force that always goes somewhere.

Danis Bois.

We will see! These words are the most precious of temporality. They imply openness, trust, hope, humility. 

We will see. 

They are the most magical words. They carry the mystery of the force of life, of our own life.

And “As long as there is life, there is hope.”

Danis Bois

The past does not exist without memory.

I invite you simply to feel the sensations that you are feeling inside you, to live the atmosphere that prevails within your body and that takes you back to a memory, to an atmosphere already lived.

Proust’s Madeleine triggers within you memories It is the taste of yourself, the taste of your lived experience that comes back, that takes you back to a pleasant memory, as the taste of inner bliss takes us back to a situation of outer happiness.

Don’t choose. Let your imaginary world participate in your meditation and it will give texture to your presence, to your presence that is animated. 

It is quite magical to be in a particular place and to be at the same time far away in the past, twenty years, ten years, thirty years… in a place with particular people, and to feel the effects of this in the present moment.

Danis Bois.

How to take part ?

Danis Bois, a Doctor of Education, has been meditating for over 40 years and is co-author of the book “Full-presence meditation, the Seven Ways to Access to Human Warmth” translated into English by Hélène Pennel and published by Point d’Appui. Danis Bois runs a weekly meditation open to anyone interested in meditation. He tackles general or specific themes according to his inspiration.

This quarter’s meditation began on 17 January February 2024 on the theme of silence. Subsequent meditations will go into greater depth on this subject and will tackle other themes every Wednesday until 10 April.

Each quarter includes podcasts available for one year. You can join us by registering directly on the meditate with Danis Bois website and you will have access to the meditations from the beginning of the quarter. You can also subscribe to past quarters by choosing the themes that interest you.

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