#96- The eternal present

14. February 2024

The theme of this meditation was around ‘the eternal present’. Danis Bois does address the notion of present moment in a mathematical way, neither in a dimension where temporalities follow each other (past, present, future), but rather he proposes a vision and experience of the present moment as a moment of eternity. By guiding us on a stroll into the movement of the present, Danis Bois offers us the poetry of the life that reveals itself in this way. 

It all begins by establishing within a deep silence to listen to, through which we can experience ourself.  

It is pointless  looking for the present moment as it is here already, as it has always been ever since you were born.

Danis Bois

Then comes the immersion phase during which we stroll in the present and become aware of the present moment as a moment of eternity that we can reach consciously in our experiencing. 

Extracts :

The real gift of life is the present moment. And our gift to ourself, for life, is to be present to the present moment.

The present moment is the only temporality that lasts over time. There is nothing that is more eternal than the present moment. 

Louis Lavelle, the philosopher, said : “Eternity truly is an eternal present.”  And I agree with this as, when we meditate seriously, deeply, the present moment is a form of eternity that we can reach.

Now, here, feel how stable the present is, permanent, a pure now, without frills around it or inside it, without details, without any other detail than this eternal movement that most of you now are familiar with and can reach. A stroll inside yourself that is slow, a strolling that is infinite.

And at that particular moment, you are ageless and your nearest future is already in your present. 

At that moment, you even have the impression that you are immortal as the present moment that moves through us, is itself eternal. And this movement that animates you within your flesh, this langour, embodied, acts as a silent connection with the eternal.

And at that moment, you are convinced deep within that at the end of this present moment, there is no precipice, there is no end.

You have the feeling that at the end of this present moment you, there is something that is uninterrupted.

And even if the stars, when we gaze at them, no longer exist, they continue to light up the sky and to move us.

Danis Bois

To end the meditation

And as soon as we distance ourself from the immediate sensation, this eternal strolling escapes us. 

But it is a grace to be experiencing the present, to give it its time, 3600 seconds per hour, and each second whispers a moment of eternity, a fragrance, eternal, an uninterrupted continuity.

The present moment is not just something that lasts very little, very hidden, and that is caught between the past and the future. The present moment is the only moment where we can act, react, change, move, And as this moment is continuous in our lives, it is never too late to act, to be happy.

As for the future, Saint-Exupéry left us as inheritance these words: “It is not about predicting the future, but about making it possible.”

Danis Bois

How to take part ?

Danis Bois, a Doctor of Education, has been meditating for over 40 years and is co-author of the book “Full-presence meditation, the Seven Ways to Access to Human Warmth” translated into English by Hélène Pennel and published by Point d’Appui. Danis Bois runs a weekly meditation open to anyone interested in meditation. He tackles general or specific themes according to his inspiration.

This quarter’s meditation began on 17 January February 2024 on the theme of silence. Subsequent meditations will go into greater depth on this subject and will tackle other themes every Wednesday until 10 April.

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