#59 The place of vibration in Full-Presence Meditation

26th. October 2022

The notion of vibration has very little place in Full-Presence Meditation as it is too closely connected to spirituality, the occult and New Age. It is also a catch-all term that allows all sorts of interpretations.

Despite these reservations, there is a consensus on several aspects of vibration:

  • Fully welcoming vibration is to turn our awareness towards what we are living
  • Vibration is a relational mode: a good energy or bad vibration
  • Vibration defines a resonance, that is to say a sensitivity to particular frequencies
  • Vibration is a feeling that conveys information
  • Vibration is a force of propagation, it rayonnates

For Danis Bois, the movement is primordial and vibration is the effect of the movement, and not its cause.

In the meditation today, participants were able to explore three dimensions of vibration.

Vibration as ambient atmosphere

Vibration is connected with the qualiy of self-presence that can be enhanced by remaining silent and motionless, with eyes closed. This attitude allows meditators to observe and listen to the effect of their posture on their inner experiencing, on their state of being. It results in the sensation of a good vibration and a positive disposition.

The first condition to vibrate is to be touched positively.

Danis Bois

Vibration as resonance: a sensitivity to certain frequencies

Meditators were invited to explore what they are sensitive to during the meditation, what they enter into resonance with more easily, what touches then most.  Was it their silent attitude, generated by their own silence? Their sense of stability, generated by motionlessness?  Luminosity, the coloured atmosphere generated by their closed eyelids?  The presence of the inner movement – generated by motionlessness and that warms the heart?

In this context, vibration is the effect of the self-relationship, through sensations of stability, luminosity, and/or warmth. Vibration is everything that is consciously experienced.

The movement for example is an active principle within us and the effect we are feeling when in contact with this movement arises in the form of a vibration that Danis Bois calls the Sensible: the experiencing generated by the presence of an inner movement within matter, that touches the person living this experience.

Vibration as a force of propagation carried by the movement

When we turn towards our interiority, for example our heart, we can feel a sensation, a vibration, a feeling or mood. Depending on our level of awareness, we can have access to a feeling just in the area of our heart, an emotion, a sense-feeling, a mood, even maybe an energy in motion that spreads through our matter.

In the same way, when we direct your thought towards someone close, towards a loved one, what do we feel ? A level of energy that transmits waves towards others; a force of propagation, something that rayonnates in a particular direction?

Vibration is an emanation of the inner movement. It occurs in the form of a fizz, of a warm hearth, of love experienced within a support that is motionless. It is within motionlessness that we perceive the vibration of what is essential:  the essense of being. Without movement, vibration would not exist.

Danis Bois

Meditators were invited to return to their daily life and to be mindful to transmit positive vibrations towards themselves, towards their nearests, towards others and to remember that meditation is the art of raising good vibrations, that is to say to cultivate good vibrations and increase their intensity.

As human beings, we can decipher vibrations in a more or less conscious way.

Danis Bois

How to participate in this meditations?

Danis Bois, Doctor of the Science of Education, has been meditating for over 40 years and is co-author of the book “La méditation pleine présence, les 7 voies d’accès à la chaleur humaine” published in French by Eyrolles, and in English under the title “Full-Presence Meditation – The Seven Ways to Access Human Warmth“. Danis Bois guides a weekly meditation open to anyone interested in meditation who already have some experience of meditation and wish to deepen their practice. The meditations are focussed on general or more specific themes depending on his inspiration and current issues.

This quarter of meditation runs from 14th September 2022 until 7th December. Podcasts of the live meditations are available for one year. You can join us by registering directly on the website at meditate live with Danis Bois and you will have access to all the meditations from the beginning of the term.

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