#93 – The plenitude of silence in the meditation

24Th. January 2024

In the previous meditation, Danis Bois focused on the essential role of silence in meditation as it is the foundation of silence. 

He notes however that we do not all have the same attitude towards silence or aspiration for it. In this meditation, Danis Bois invites us to navigate the waves of silence, to become more aware as Albert Camus suggests with these words: “It is no longer being happy that I wish for now. It is only to be aware.” and to try a little to experience the flavour of silence.

And we need silence to become even more aware, aware of ourself, aware of our own thoughts, aware of what we are feeling, aware of being alive, aware of our human essence that has the flavour of love..

Danis Bois

The first phase of the meditation, time is devoted to gradually becoming closer to silence, by making choices and mobilising attention in a particular way, which is soon rewarded by the feeling of reconnection with ourself. .

The more you go into your depth, the more you enter into a bubble that protects you from the external world. And silence settles!

Take the time to see this alchemy arise where the external silence melts into the inner silence.

This encounter gives rise to an animation. And you feel an absence of chit-chat. You are entering the universe of silence

Danis Bois

An interaction with silence then manifests. Silence brings inner calm, but it is our need for calm, aspiring to calm that provides the motivation to journey towards ‘the silent spell of silence’.

We need to connect with the calm that lives within us when we turn our gaze inwards.Then you fall under the silent spell of silence.

Danis Bois

Silence then becomes animated and we begin to sense subtle, poetic nuances that touch us and connect us all.

And within this silence we feel a moving wave that is slow, voluptuous, and dances within our matter. It is a silence in motion that connects us all together.

In this subtle, deep, fine observation appears a sense of plenitude, a moment of beauty. And we begin again to hope.

Danis Bois

To conclude the meditation, Danis Bois invites each participant to reflect on the importance of silence, their need for it and on their capacity to share with other a silence that is full and interactive, in order to evaluate their aspiration to silence, without forgetting the interactive dimension of silence.

I invite you not to forget the interactive dimension of the silence. Through silence you can commune, but you can also communicate. 

Silence has no borders. And silence will take you further than imagination.

Danis Bois

How to take part ?

Danis Bois, a Doctor of Education, has been meditating for over 40 years and is co-author of the book “Full-presence meditation, the Seven Ways to Access to Human Warmth” translated into English by Hélène Pennel and published by Point d’Appui. Danis Bois runs a weekly meditation open to anyone interested in meditation. He tackles general or specific themes according to his inspiration.

This quarter’s meditation began on 17 January February 2024 on the theme of silence. Subsequent meditations will go into greater depth on this subject and will tackle other themes every Wednesday until 10 April.

Each quarter includes podcasts available for one year. You can join us by registering directly on the meditate with Danis Bois website and you will have access to the meditations from the beginning of the quarter. You can also subscribe to past quarters by choosing the themes that interest you.

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