Live meditation 02-06-2021 – The internal signs of the sense of existing (#22 Replay)

Today’s meditation follows on from the previous two on the feeling of existing. Danis Bois guides meditators towards the exploration of the internal indicators constituting the feeling of existing carried by the Sensitive.


Some of us have at some point in their life the sense that they do not exist. To illustrate this, I referred to the experience of boredom and of monotony, where every day brings the same things and interlesting happenings are lacking, as well as other examples such as being unable to assert oneself or to exist in the eyes of others.

As a remedy to this sense of not existing and furthering the previous meditations, I offered a meditation based on the processual spiral of the relationship to the Sensible body. This concept is particular to Full-Presence Meditation and reflects the bodily-felt experiences that appear in the meditative experience in the form of feelings generated in the connection with the inner movement and/or a motionlessness of rest.


Having established the three necessary conditions to connect the experience of the Sensible, I invited the meditators to explore the seven internal signs that express the inner journey towards the sense of existing.

  • • Exploring the seven signs of the sense of existing
  1. 1. Experiencing the inner movement, or a motionlessness of rest, or the blending of inner motion and motionlessness.
  2. 2Experiencing warmth leading to a sense of confidence and trust, and to a warm atmosphere.
  3. The sense of depth, when we feel we are touched, engaged, involved.
  4. The sense of wholeness, when we feel we are solid, unified, recentred.
  5. The sense of self-presence, when we discover our singularity and we are present to everything around us.
  6. The sense of existence, when we are positioned within what we are feeling and we experience ourselves at the heart of an embodied subjectivity.
  7. Le sentiment d’exister, lorsque nous avons le sentiment d’avoir trouvé notre place, d’exister en tant que nous-mêmes et de renoncer à exister au regard des autres.


I explained briefly that these seven internal signs belong to the step-by-step educational process of Full-Presence Meditation that is directed towards the sense of existing.

Though our sense of existing is independent from the world around us, we can see that it is nevertheless dependent on how we experience our existence.

Danis Bois

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