Live meditation 26-05-2021 – The sense of existing – #21 Replay

In this full presence meditation(#20), which follows the meditation on emptiness and wholeness, (#20 free access)Danis Bois explores the feeling of existence, where feeling is associated with an act of consciousness that nourishes the feeling of permanent certainty of oneself and one’s uniqueness.

During our last meditation ((#20), we explored together the experience of emptiness from the central question of whether emptiness is a contradiction in terms with the sense of existing.

The meditation today developed the notion of sense of existing, particularly when we are immersed in the depth of Full-Presence Meditation


I introduced the sense of existing through my own experience of meditation.

The more I immerse myself in the fullness of emptiness, the more I feel I exist. I am at that moment absolutely aware that I exist, independently of my characteristics and what constitutes me in relation to my own existence.

Danis Bois

This nature of sensing is at the root of our singularity. It’s a sense-feeling combined with an act of awareness: ‘I know that I exist because I feel that I exist’.


I reviewed little by little what constitutes the various subtleties of the certainty of self revealed through Full-Presence Meditation, and that I named the fullness of emptimess. Meditation naturally amplifies how we feel that we exist, wihout the need for reflection.

Experimenting permanent self-certainty

We explored together the feelings associated with four variations of the sense of existing, independently from our relationship to our own existence and life story:

  • I know that I am me and not someone else
  • What I feel, no one other than me can feel it in my place
  • I know that my body is mine and not that of another
  • I know that my feelings are mine, as are my thoughts.

Experimenting the psychological dimension of the sense of existing

We noted four aspects of the sense of existing that are linked to our daily life:

  • The sense of being someone worthy
  • The need to feel recognized and valued in the eyes of others
  • Awareness of our qualities
  • Recognition of our intrinsic positive possibilities

We then continued, letting ourselves being bathed by three sentiments:

  • To exist is to live
  • To live is to exist and experience ourself
  • How to discover our singularity, endorse it, express it and attain our right to diversity

Following this momentum, I refered to the words of the philosopher Maine de Biran to introduce the importance of self-perception as a way to connect with this precious and unique sense of existing on this earth and to have a profound sense of it:

Inner knowledge is an inner tact through which we perceive ourself.

Maine de Biran

To conclude, I invited everyone to reflect on these words:

Your life deserves your attention

Danis Bois


I invited participants to share and this led spontaneously to five minutes of silence.

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