Live meditation with Danis Bois – 30/06/2021 – The love energy (#26 Replay)

This meditation brings to an end our 2nd term of Full-Presence Meditation The next meditation term will start on 1 September. You can subscribe now by going to the page “meditate live in videoconference with Danis Bois”.


In the introduction, I reviewed the various themes that were developed during this term of meditation: transmission, resonance, sense of existing and spatial dimension (the inside, the outside and what is greater than we are)

I refered back to the meditation on the theme of transmission by reviewing the internal signs that allow us to recognise whether the meditation conveys a transmission : the presence of an inner movement, the sense of not being the cause of this inner driving force, the sense of feeling protected, the qualities of the mind and finally the divine dimension of the experience.

It is from the latter that I introduced the notion of universal love, or cosmic love, by referring to what Teillhard de Chardin tells us, who considers love to be an energy, a spiritual force of the matter.

My strongest belief is that something that is loving constitutes the deepest nature of the universe in expansion.

If matter has a heart, it is because God has a heart that is an ocean of love. His heart vibrates in the matter.

Teillhard de Chardin


To explore ‘cosmic’ love energy, I referred to the protocole used in the meditation on transmission:

  • Settling into open attention
  • •Welcoming the phenomena without filter, judgement or expectations
  • Choosing some of the information that arises to awareness
  • Letting ourselves be moved by the force of the inner movement
  • Entering into resonance
  • Embracing the collective force
  • irecting out thought towards the infinite, towards timelessness, towards universal love and towards othersSe laisser agir par la force du mouvement interne

I then highlighted that there are several ways of loving: loving someone dear to us, loving our parents or our children, our friends, and universal and unconditional love; the objective being to nourish all the human forms of this universal love, conveyed by life and that each of us carries within.

Only love can move our being, and touch human beings

Sublimated love is plenitude

Matter is not a lifeless reality, it is on the contrary alive, full of energy and life. The inner movement is also an energy in motion connected with loving what is greater than we are.

Danis Bois

TestimonialSharing of experience

To conclude the second term, a few people shared their experience as well as their gratitude, and we confirmed that we will reconvene in September for a new term of meditation. We will then explore how to bring this love for what is greater than we are into the various forms of human love.

To participate in live meditations with Danis Bois, go to the website vous pourrez vous abonner au nouveau trimestre qui débutera le 1er septembre 2021 en vous rendant sur la page de l’activité “méditer en direct en visioconférence avec Danis Bois”. The meditations for each quarter remain online for three months.

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