#54- The influence of being present to the body on health

21 September 2022

As quite a few meditators have registered this term who are new to Danis Bois’ live weekly meditations, Danis Bois decided to come back to the fundamentals of how to establish an effective attitude of presence for meditation. To do this, he chose as support this week  the body, particularly the motionlessness of the body in its interaction with sustained attention as, when combined, these give access to states of stability, solidity, tranquility and calm that bring release both at a physical level with the relaxing of tensions, and at the level of the mind with an apeasement of our thoughts so that we have the impression we are no longer thinking. Danis Bois highlighed that achieving these state is already an accomplished meditation and should be regarded as such.  

He added that, for some, this combination of perfect motionlessness and sustained attention, which strengthens the ability to remain present to the experience unfolding in the meditation and prevents wandering, may expand to revealing in the interiority of the body everything that is moving, including the possibility of perceiving the presence of an inner animation – the inner movement, an energy in motion.

The motionlessness of your body allows everything that is moving within your body to arise to your awareness: externally motionless, though in motion withine.

Danis Bois

To conclude Danis Bois emphasized that this movement has an action on health, whether it is felt or not, in stimulating physiology towards a state of balance and invited the meditators to become aware of the difference between the start of the meditation and their state at the end of the meditation and to further the effects in their daily life.  

You feel calmer compared to your usual agitation, more tranquil about your worries of the moment and more open to solutions arising.

Danis Bois

How to participate in the meditations ?

Danis Bois, Doctor of the Science of Education, has been meditating for over 40 years and is co-author of the book “La méditation pleine présence, les 7 voies d’accès à la chaleur humaine” published in French by Eyrolles, and published online in English under the title ‘Full-Presence Meditation – The Seven Ways to Access Human Warmth. Danis Bois guides a weekly meditation open to anyone interested in meditation who already have some experience of meditation and wish to deepen their practice. The meditations are focussed on general or more specific themes depending on his inspiration and current issues.

This quarter of meditation runs from 14th September 2022 until 7th December. ,Podcasts of the live meditations are available for one year. You can join us by registering directly on the website at meditate live with Danis Bois and you will have access to all the meditations from the beginning of the term.

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