The driving force of Full-Presence Meditation

Live Meditation 14 Septrembre 2022

In this first meditation of the new term, Danis Bois took us on a journey through the Four Steps of a typical Full-Presence Meditation to settle into the meditation and gradually begin to connect with the possibility of perceiving the inner movement – the driving force of the Meditation.  He then expanded the meditation into a Fifth Step, an acknowldgement of the role of the driving force in our transformation processes

Here is a summary of these 5 steps

Creating objective conditions for the meditation

A decision to create an atmosphere that is conducive to meditation through easy to achieve tasks : by closing our eyes,  being  motionlessness and suspending talk. 

The silence of each of us nourishes the collective silence and the collective silence nourishes individual silence.
Danis Bois

Externally motionless, internally in motion
Danis Bois

Highlighting the continuous dimension of motionlessness and its relationship to stability and the experience of a moment of eternity.

  • An invitation to become aware of the continuous dimension of motionlessness
  • At the heart of this motionlessness, the possibility to feel a slow animation, on the edge of immobility, that generates a sense of stability, protection, safety and trust.

Feeling the inner movement and allowing it to move by itself

I invite you to let the movement move by itself with your agreement, your permission.

Danis Bois

And this driving force has several functions: first, it creates a feeling of softness within; then it expresses the present moment as it flows in your life, and that we can be witnesses thanks to this slowness, that is an expression of the course of this inner movement

Danis Bois

The driving force is also a force of transformation and change which frees layers within us that are fixed, insensitive and unconscious and that relate to difficult situations in the present and, for some people, may be considered to be linked to transgenerational or Karmic difficulties. 

Acknowledging a process of change relating to our own life story with the inner movement

The inner movement, this driving force, participates in freeing these unconscious knots that are fixed and have lost their sensitivity

Danis Bois

The meditation ended with a reminder that, though this inner driving force participates in the transformation of our ways of being that are linked to the past, it does not exclude a personal psychological process turned towards mastering our thoughts, our emotions and our actions.

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