#98- The time that is coming

28 February 2024

Generally speaking, the relationship to temporality is complex. On one hand, time evokes the threat of our finitude : “With time, everything goes”, sang Léo Ferré. And on the other, time brings the promise of our growth. It is this dimention “With time, everything comes” that Danis Bois offers us this latest meditation. 

In this perspective, Gustave Flaubert also questions us with these words: “The future torments us, the past holds us back, that is why the present escapes us.” Indeed the future torments us as we do not know what it will be made of, and the past holds us back as we are attached to what we have lived, to our memories. Through our past, we have constructed our personality. And so meditation enables us to connect to the present so that we can ensure that the present does not escape us.

Having established the conditions for silence that lead to experiencing plenitude, this meditation is an invitation to explore the time that is coming with two questions : What is the future for ? or in other words: What would our life be without our future?

Extraits :

As nets that do not hold back water, the present moment does not hold back time. It is the witness of time passing, that flows.

And the movement that we feel inside is, in a way, the present moment that flows in our body and that we are conscious of. 

And the slowness of this movement within enables us to cohabit with time, with the present moment.

So what is the future for? That is a good question.

As the future is in front of us and has been since we were born. 

Little by little, we have moved forward to the end of today, to the end of now. 

Time that is coming is an opportunity to live more, to live again and again.

The best thing with regards to the future, as it is about ‘what is coming’, about our future, is that the future comes day by day, 

comes a day at a time.

This gives us time to change direction  

as every tomorrow is a promise of renewal. 

And thanks to meditation, you can write the script of your life. 

And if you are going to imagine a scenario, imagine it in a positive way, pleasant. We need the future to go towards self-fulfillment. 

What is the future for? 

It is also there so that we can put some distance with our past, so that we can ensure that the past no longer holds us back in our path forward, towards more breadth, more ‘real’.

With time that arises, the time that comes, the problems of the past withdraw little by little further away, the wounds heal, the sorrows lessen. 

Forgetting is physiological. 

We become, thanks to time passing, available to what arises, to what is coming towards us. 

The present moment, as it flies away quickly, takes us further away from the past and enables us to nourish ourselves with newness, with the unpredictable, with the unknown.

The most important time is the time that we have left to live.

So let us not miss this encounter with the time that is coming, and that carries within and unveils a part of the mystery of your life.

Each present moment, with the help of the future, announces a new beginning, and it is never too late

Time is your ally. What you do not know today, you will know tomorrow and you will understand the meaning and the direction of the whole of your life, of your past life and of your life now.

The time that is coming pushes you towards fulfillment. 

So let us not be afraid of the time that is passing. 

Rousseau said that “Youth is the time to study wisdom and old age the time to practice wisdom.” 

So what would meditation be without the future? It would be an endless repetition. 

Danis Bois

To conclude, Danis Bois invited everyone to try not to endure time but to live it fully, as “ The way in which you live your present prepares your future”.

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Danis Bois, a Doctor of Education, has been meditating for over 40 years and is co-author of the book “La méditation pleine présence, les 7 voies d’accès à la chaleur humaine” published by Eyrolles and translated into English by Hélène Pennel. Danis Bois runs a weekly meditation open to anyone interested in meditation. He tackles general or specific themes according to his inspiration.

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