#94- Silence in everyday life

31 January 2024

Picture Jean Philippe Carbonell

This week Danis Bois touches on silence from a different perspective: in how it contributes to our everyday life

In the previous meditations of this series, Danis Bois talked of the importance of silence in meditation. Silence is fundamental to meditation as we cannot meditate without it. But confronting silence is sometimes difficult for beginners as some of them struggle with the experience of silence. Silence is also the place that we have within us from which we can replenish, and finally silence is synonymous with the absolute as Danis Bois expresses with these words: “I know nothing that is as close to the absolute as silence’.

As always, the meditation begins by devoting time to settling into an attitude conducive to appropriating silence: meaning to internalize it, to connect with ourself, to unite with the silent life within, to connect with others and become more present.

And even those who are most resistant to silence end up surrendering to its charm.

We need a bit of time before silence appears in its essence, before silence changes how you relate to yourself, before silence embodies within you, before silence internalizes.

Through silence we can commune with ourself; through silence, we can communicate with the world, with others.

And it is in that particular atmosphere that our presence appears.

Danis Bois

Encountering their own silent living depth brings intensity to the meditators.

It is at that magical moment that you have the impression of feeling protected from the external world.tir à l’abri du monde extérieur.

Danis Bois

Having established propitious conditions for the meditation, meditators are invited to learn from it by questioning how silence contributes to their everyday life. Danis Bois highlights some key element such as the calm, slowness and patience that are encouraged by practising silent meditations. It is an invitation to take time and inhabit free time with patience

Meditation and silence teach us patience, a patience that has left us at times.

Take your time, and begin by inhabiting your free time with patience.

Danis Bois

Then each can question the role of silence in relating with others and how to make good use of silence in everyday life.

Being tactful and elegant is knowing how to be silent when needed.

We all have a secret garden and intimacy often dwells in our silences, and it is a right to remain silent about certain moments of your life.

Danis Bois

Danis Bois then focuses on the primordial and sacred dimension of the silence, as an invitation to meditators to sometimes chose silence in their everyday life in order to let their presence appear more.

It is this silence that enables you to connect with your own thought, with your inner dialogue, and it is within silence that we have most access to the moving of our thought.

It is in silence that your intuition emerges, that gives you lines of direction, new perspectives.

These moments are so important to progress towards harmony and self-realization.

Then there is sacred silence. A silence where words no longer exist, where our thought discreetly withdraws, where our emotions step aside to bypass us.

A moment of silence that is empty of uselessness and full of the essential.

And silence in motion then takes on the colour of bliss, joy, light, greatness, vastness, hope.


Danis Bois

How to take part ?

Danis Bois, a Doctor of Education, has been meditating for over 40 years and is co-author of the book “Full-presence meditation, the Seven Ways to Access to Human Warmth” translated into English by Hélène Pennel and published by Point d’Appui. Danis Bois runs a weekly meditation open to anyone interested in meditation. He tackles general or specific themes according to his inspiration.

This quarter’s meditation began on 17 January February 2024 on the theme of silence. Subsequent meditations will go into greater depth on this subject and will tackle other themes every Wednesday until 10 April.

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