#68 Listening to ourself

8 March 2023

The theme of this meditation -“listening to ourself”- is a continuation of the first two meditations during which Danis Bois emphasized the fact that hearing does not mean listening as hearing is a sense whereas listening is an art. He also underlined the importance of listening as a cognitive skill that facilitates understanding and that listening is the foundation of human relationships.

The theme of this new meditation on listening is directed towards listening to ourself, becoming self-aware through silence, the inner movement and tact.

To established the basic conditions necessary for the silence of meditation, Danis Bois referred to the philosopher Maine de Biran, “Life is interiority and no one will find it in exteriority”. By inviting the participants to mobilize their attention on the motionlessness of their posture, posture, he is inviting them to become aware of the shift from “I have a body” to tasting the affirmation of “I am my body”.

  • Immersing oneself in the meditation offers the opportunity to go deeper into interiority by withdrawing from the external world with silence as support.

Before we delve further into interiority, you need to know that two minutes of silence can relax us, lower our blood pressure and stimulate blood flow in the brain.

Silence is more effective than any type of relaxing music.

Silence is not just being quiet;

Silence is not just an absence of noise;

Silence is not just a space to connect with my words;

Listening to silence is begining to listen to ourself within our interiority.

Silence is also a place of relating.

Listening to ourself in silence gives us the opportunity to experience ourself deeply.

If our silences could talk, they would tell the stories that happened to us, the secrets and things we have forgotten.Silence is a way to connect with ourself… yesterday, today and tomorrow

Danis Bois
  • Silence and listening to ourself also foster the encounter with the movement of our life… The movement of life

Time that becomes movement… Self-experience with the support of this slow, embodied animation is always a revelation.

Seen as a life energy, a true force. At life moves within us, it creates a deeper self-connection.

We experience ourself differently.

We have the impression that life moves of itself, and experiences itself by touching us in the depth of our being.

Danis Bois
  • In the final phase of the meditation, guidance was given on inner touch, inner tact

In the secret of our own silence in motion, let’s take the decision to be more tactful in our life.

A type of intellectual skill that engages our self-awareness as well as our awareness of others.

A way of connecting with ourself and others

  • It is about feeling more intuitively and letting our intuition speak
  • It is about going towards ourself and others
  • It is about becoming aware of ourself not through reflection, but in the instant
  • It is about avoiding being tactless in our relationship with others

How to participate in this meditations?

Danis Bois, Doctor of the Science of Education, has been meditating for over 40 years and is co-author of the book “La méditation pleine présence, les 7 voies d’accès à la chaleur humaine” published in French by Eyrolles, and in English under the title “Full-Presence Meditation – The Seven Ways to Access Human Warmth“. Danis Bois guides a weekly meditation open to anyone interested in meditation who already have some experience of meditation and wish to deepen their practice. The meditations are focussed on general or more specific themes depending on his inspiration and current issues.

Podcasts of the live meditations are available for one year. You can join us by registering directly on the website at meditate live with Danis Bois and you will have access to all the meditations from the beginning of the term.

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