Live meditation with Danis Bois – A loving Full-Presence – 23 March 2022 – (#6)

We continue on the theme of how we can meditate together despite the distance, which is the main theme of this term, with a meditation that takes us step by step through the various forms of presence towards a Loving Full-Presence. Danis Bois introduced the meditation by explaining the connection between Full-Presence and the experience of the inner movement which is the special feature of Full-Presence Meditation. We then went into the meditation which explored the various kinds of presence at play: presence in its spatial as well as temporal dimensions, self-presence, presence to others, presence to the world and presence to what is greater than we are, leading to Loving Full-Presence, following a step-by-step process:

  1. First, being in the intention of experiencing presence by creating an inner space where we are open and available.
  2. Establishing the conditions for silence: remaining silent, listening to the silence and inhabiting the silence with our presence : “Presence can then become more of a quality, more relational and more whole”.
  3. Exploring presence in its spatial dimension: “It’s first becoming aware that you are physically somewhere in particular, in your body and within yourself: where your body is, you are”.
  4. Exploring the temporal dimension of presence: “Meditation amplifies our grasp of time flowing and enables us to be present to the present”.
  5. Immersing ourself in the present moment makes this moment the most precious of our life.

When we connect with the inner movement, the loving presence appears at the heart of our matter, that mobilizes what is greater than we are. 

Danis Bois

Experiencing our own existence and feeling engaged in what is happening in the world leads us to explore our heart’s loving presence by directing our thought towards the loved ones that are not with us. 

Danis Bois

To conclude the session, Danis Bois reviewed the main forms of presence by highlighting what constitutes the signature of Full-Presence Meditation.

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