The Team

Danis Bois

Danis Bois

Founder of the Full-Presence Educational Process

Leads weekly meditations

masterclasses and is involved in the “Learning to Meditate” programm

Hélène Bourhis-Bois

Ph.D in Sciences of Education (Paris 8 University), she developed with Danis Bois programs to teach Full-Presence Meditation.

Pedagogical coordinator of the activities offered on the site
Animator of the programme
“Learning to meditate step by step”

Hélène Pennel

Involved in developing the English language around Full-Presence Meditation and the other methodologies elaborated by Danis Bois Coach POSBAM and Official translator of Danis Bois

Helene Gallagher (Jank)

University Degree in Somatic Education of the Danis Bois Method (University Fernando Pessoa), Somatic educator and an Artist, coach POSBAM