Live meditation with Danis Bois – Entering into resonance with ourself

This meditation follows on from the previous meditation and explores the theme of resonance, and more precisely: How to enter into resonance with ourself?

In the brief introduction, I recalled the three key elements that are linked with the unfolding of the meditation.

Through resonance, we feel alive.

Through resonance, we feel involved.

Through resonance we can begin to echo with the outside world, with ourself and with others.

Danis Bois

The meditation

I started by creating the conditions for the meditation, with a particular emphasis on relating and resonating with the silence.

We have taken our time,

and observing the silence has become a quality of silence,

and the quality of silence has become a quality of presence,

and this is the condition to create resonance.

Danis Bois

In the immersion phase, I guided the meditators towards these attitudes:

  1. Having the intention to feel, not to understand
  2. Appreciating the moments of silence that slip in between the words
  3. Having a sense of pride in being able to offer yourself a moment, for yourself
  4. Cultivating a sense of kinship to benefit from the collective resonance
  5. Welcoming everything that arises.

I then led the meditators to become aware of what they were beginning to resonate with:

  • Resonance with the sound atmosphere
  • Resonance with the inner movement at the heart of matter

Hear, hear, hear the silence, the density of the silence, the animation of the silence that resonates within you and creates a reciprocity between you and the silence, between the silence and you.

Danis Bois
  • Resonance with what is felt and experienced in the present moment.

No two resonances are alike, you have to welcome the unexpected.

Danis Bois

Here are some words used throughout the meditation:

Don’t think.

Let yourself think.

Let yourself find within you that place of intuition that tells you things, rather than them being thought by you.

Danis Bois

I then talked about two new aspects of resonance: resonance with the past and the desire to act.

I ask you to enter into resonance with the impression that what you feel, you have already felt in the past;

that what you feel, takes you back to an event, to a situation that you have already experienced;

that what you feel speaks of your story and awakens within you an old aspiration or a deep wish, a desire, an appetite for life.

Danis Bois

And finally, I invited the meditators to initiate a dialogue between what they feel and their reason, between their heart and their thought. I invited everyone to narrow the distance between heart and reason and to establish a new inner dialogue between these two dimensions.

Most of the session was devoted to the meditation. At the end a participant spoke to question how the term ‘heart’ had been mentioned as a place of feeling, of desire and as a force of proposals in our dynamics of choice.

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