#10 – Key moments when the inner movement may appear – 20 April 2022

As we have seen through the previous meditations guided by Danis Bois, the characteristics that distinguishes Full-Presence Meditation from other forms of meditation is the possibility for some meditators to connect with a slow animation within the body. 

In this meditation, Danis Bois revisited and expanded on the standard meditation from last week, in order to accompany meditators to identify and grasp the five key moments when the inner movement may reveal itself to their awareness, which he called the pathway of movement, leading to a sense of warmth and softness.

He also highlighted the other pathway of the meditation: a path through the perfect motionlessness of the body leading more specifically to qualities such as stability, serenity and the appeasement of the mind.  

These moments appear through the meditators’ connection to the silence, their visual field and their body stillness towards warmer and more peaceful states, leading to the  experience of plenitude.

There is a sixth key moment in the meditation, that will be explored in next week’s meditation, which regards the connection to what is greater than we are.

How to participate ?

Danis Bois, Doctor of Educational Sciences, has been meditating for more than 40 years and is co-author of the book “Full-Presence Meditation: The Seven Ways to Access Human Warmth” published in France by Eyrolles. Danis Bois hosts a weekly meditation open to people interested in meditation, who already have some prior experience of meditation. The general theme of the current series of meditation is: “Learning to meditate together” “Meditate online live with Danis Bois”

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