Who is the program for ?

Who is the program for ?

Meditation is a practice that is accessible to all. It’s sufficient to: choose a calm and silent place, settle in a motionless posture of your choice, close your eyes, remain silent and listen, observe and contemplate what is going on inside of you. 

We have been teaching meditation for forty years and this extensive experience has taught us to nuance the idyllic image presented in magazines or newspapers by the mainstream press. While the practice of meditation is indeed rather simple, many people who attempt the adventure still find it difficult to meditate. Except for the people who have fallen under the spell, meditating demands a minimum of predisposition and initiation.

Verbal guidance is a widely used tool for learning meditation today. A search on the internet with the keyword “meditation” brings up a large number of verbally guided videos. We no longer travel to the depths of India to meet a spiritual master, who may be able to teach us the art of meditation. Now, meditation comes to you through modern technology. In fact, as unbelievable as it sounds, it is possible to learn about meditation digitally.

The different programs are relevant for you if you wish to :

The benefits of practicing Full-Presence-Meditation®

These programs will help you discover Full-Presence and take the seven ways to human warmth:

Renew the contact with silence

Cultivate self-presence

Fully honour your life

Regain self-esteem

Reconnect the meaning of life

Protect yourself from stress and anxiety

Cultivate and receive benevolence and share human warmth