Helene Gallagher

I dedicate my professional work to two major fields: the arts and embodied well-being. I work both in the Netherlands and internationally, as a Somatic educator and an Artist, with a base in Amsterdam. I am part of the research group Transdisciplinary Education Innovation University of Rotterdam, where I co-curate a series of ‘Perspectives’ under the umbrella of Codarts Yellow House. The research group conducts applied and fundamental research on educational initiatives and focuses on new forms of education and research that arise when the arts and the sciences are combined. I make contemporary theater pieces and performative installations, with an emphasis on non-verbal physical and musical composition.

My academic pathway has led me through multiple disciplines involving art and sciences. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Arts from the University of Rotterdam, a Master in Contemporary Vocals from the University of Linz, a University Degree in Somatic Education of the Danis Bois Method from the University Fernando Pessoa and I currently follow the Education for Doctor of Osteopathy of College Sutherland Amsterdam (exp. Diploma 2024).

I have a passion for languages and speak 5 fluently (German, Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish). Since 2019, I have translated educational contents for the Point D’Appui Organization.

The theme of my academic research is the “Embodied Awareness for the performing artist”.

In the field of performative arts, the essence of the work on stage and the most demanding factors are such as the capturing and handling of atmospheres, group dynamics (cast amongst each other and dynamic with the audience) while guarding the quality of my own relationship to music, movement and myself as an expressor, simultaneously, all during performance. To grasp, understand and feel these parallel worlds in real-time requires much work, especially in the field of perception and the level of body awareness.  Meditation has helped me significantly to fine tune these parameters and, in this process, to redefine the relationship with myself and with others, constantly,  towards a more attentive and abundant way of living.