Full-Presence Educational Process – Program to Optimize self-esteem, benevolence and the management of anxiety through Full-Presence Meditation Danis Bois Method.

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Full-Presence Educational Process®

A new concept of meditation

Online and face-to-face traching

Pr Danis Bois

The research of Prof Danis Bois is at the origin of Full-Presence Meditation MDB. Danis Bois is a researcher, humanist thinker and author of numerous publications. He has elaborated a step-by-step educational process focused on learning to meditate step-by-step and on learning from meditation.

The Full-Presence Meditation process 8-week programme (POSBAM) is intented to empower learner meditators to optimize self-esteem and benevolence, reduce anxiety and better manage stress. Accredited coaches facilitate the programme.

Danis Bois also offer series of online weekly meditations, also available as podcasts, for people who already have a practice of meditation and wish to meditate with a group on a regular basis. It is an opportunity to regularly offer oneself a moment of silence and benevolence, and to more lastingly reap the benefits of meditation.

To know more about Full-Presence Meditation MDB, its simalirities and differences with other forms of meditation such as mindfulness, visit this page.

The meditations that are offered are underpinned by scientific research.

Full-Presence Meditation

An art of living with oneself, an art of living together

Which pedagogy for learning to meditate?

Full-Presence Meditation and its originality

Full-Presence Educational Process®

A step-by-step Process




Who is this program for?

For personal use

For people who want to learn to meditate for themselves

For therapeutic purposes

You want to strengthen your self-esteem, your benevolence and better manage your anxiety

For professional purposes

You wish to facilitate Full-Presence Meditation focussed on the optimisation of self-esteem and benevolence, and reducing anxiety

The two activities we offer

Meditate live with Danis Bois

For personal use

Treat yourself to online live meditations,

Once a week

During one hour

Coming soon : session from February 15th. to May 16th 2023

Learn to meditate step by step

Two objectives

Educational process and self-care

Learning to meditate

Strengthen your self-esteem, benevolence and reduce your anxiety

Online program en ligne for 8 weeks

One hour each day

Contact coach for next session – See the register

How will you be supported?

Digital tools to support human growth

A reference book

Full-Presence Meditation  – Danis Bois and Isabelle Eschalier

Mindful meditation, popularized by Matthieu Ricard, Jon Kabat Zinn and the psychiatrist Christophe André, has become commonplace and is part of our daily landscape. In our stressed and accelerated lives, it is a real call for air. To go further, researcher Danis Bois and Isabelle Eschalier propose in this book to discover full presence meditation, which goes further than mindfulness meditation, because it also integrates the bodily dimension, the relational quality of presence, perception as the primacy of consciousness and especially the encounter with internal movement.

The experience lived in full presence meditation reveals a whole universe of interior warmth which warms the heart and is diffused to the whole body, stimulating the qualities of human warmth. It directs us towards a more embodied humanity, in which we become more present to ourself, to others and to the world. It mobilizes what is greatest within us.

This well-written and very practical book helps us in this practice which has been the subject of studies for forty years.

This book is on sale in English version here and in frensh version at Eyrolles

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